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Location: Multiple Countries

Help the world communicate freely.

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You may know us as Gengo, and you may know we were recently acquired by Lionbridge. Our name may be different, but our passion to create, culture of diversity, and technology-first mindset remain intact. In fact, these are just a few of the reasons we chose to join forces — Lionbridge will give us an even larger platform to share the original Gengo ethos. With the support of our new parent, we are also doubling-down on our focus to bring value to the AI ecosystem.

The Gengo platform enables anyone to connect to people-powered tasks, with a focus on translation and AI training data.  Via the Gengo website or API, individuals and businesses work with Gengo’s community of over 20,000 pre-tested contributors, who have skills in over 34 languages.

The Gengo company culture and environment is uniquely multilingual and multinational. We're a group of people that really cares about breaking down the language barrier, and we've been an international company from the start.

Gengo was founded in 2008, and grew from the support of international VCs including Intel CapitalAtomico (investors in, Rovio, and others. Lionbridge and Gengo immediately recognized the value in working together as one to catch the fast-moving wave of AI.

Find out more about us at and read our blog to get an idea of who we are.


株式会社Gengoは、” Communicate freely.”というビジョンのもと、ワンクリックで言語の壁をこえ、全ての人が世界中の情報を理解・発信できる人力の翻訳プラットフォーム、Gengo®を運営しています。


2009年6月の設立以降、SonyやTripAdviosrなどの大手企業からスタートアップまで、さまざまな企業にご利用いただき、Intel CapitalやAtomicoをはじめとする数多くのVCやエンジェルインベスターから投資を受けています。